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Hypertension - Spirapril as ACE inhibitors

Spirapril is an agent of the ACE inhibitor group.

Its main effect is a reduction in blood pressure and that is why it is often used on patients with hypertension (high blood pressure).

In Germany, this substance is usually prescribed under the trade name of Cardiopril.

Area of ​​Effect:

The effect of Spirapril is based on the acceleration of Agiotensin I and angiotensin II transformation.

Angiotensin II is directly responsible for increasing blood pressure.

It also promotes the absorption of water and the blood volume increases and can increase blood pressure even further.

Regulation of blood pressure - Mechanism of action:

ACE is the enzyme which is responsible for conversion of angiotensin.

An ACE inhibitor associated with the particles of the enzyme, thereby blocks its function, which can lead to a reduction in angiotensin II levels and thus a reduction in the blood pressure.

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Side effects of Spirapril

The ACE inhibitor Spirapril used in hypertension
Spirapril in hypertension

The ACE inhibitors Spirapril is used for treating high blood pressure.

One of the worst side effects is where patients start to develop a dry cough (also known as an ACE inhibitor cough, and this happens with most ACE inhibitors).

While this is not dangerous, you can become so sick that the drug for hypertension must be changed.

A good substitute may be an agent of the sartans group in such cases.

The effect of these drugs is also associated with angiotensin II.

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The ACE inhibitors for hypertension Spirapril

A next disadvantage of this therapy is that it has a relatively high risk of the patient developing an allergy.

It can lead to a swelling of the subcutaneous tissue, or (worse still) the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract.

The patient will develop breathing difficulties and they must stop taking the medication.

The treatment of high blood pressure is then performed with other substances.

Other possible side effects of Spirapril are skin lesions and taste disorders.

Contraindications and Interactions:

Sprapril should not be used if one or more of the conditions listed below are present:

- Constriction of renal vessels

- Severe narrowing of the main arteries

- Obstructive cardiomyopathy (a disease of the heart muscle)

- Hypotension (low blood pressure)

Pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding should also not take this medicine.

In addition, it may not be combined with other medicines to treat hypothyroidism and hypertension as well as with sodium-potassium affecting substances.



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ACE inhibitors in an overview

Other drugs in this group are listed here alphabetically. 

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Also note that the ACE inhibitors are often used in combination with other blood pressure lowering drugs. 

Here you read about the so-called combination therapy in hypertension.

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