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High Blood Pressure – What Sports Are Best?

Sport and high blood pressure
Reducing high blood pressure with sports

Hypertension is without doubt one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases. In Europe, every fourth patient suffers from high blood pressure.

Because values are from 140/100 it puts an enormous strain on the circulatory system and measures should be taken to lower blood pressure.

Hypertensives therefore often wonder what they are allowed or not allowed to do and what they can or should do to facilitate the goal of reducing cardiovascular risks. Especially when it comes to sport and physical activity many of those affected are uncertain.

After all, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure under stress in normal during sports and in the short term this may indeed be true, but over the long-term it has been proven that people with hypertension should play sports.

On the contrary, over the long term, it even helps to lower blood pressure naturally and avoid a heart attack. But of course certain rules should be because not every sport is equally well suited to achieve a positive effect.

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Sports and Hypertension - what to play?

Reducing hypertension with sports
Sports and high blood pressure

Regular exercise should be taken for granted. Because several studies have clearly demonstrated that with exercise the systolic (the upper blood pressure level) rate is reduced by 7-9 mmHg and the diastolic (lower) rate can also be reduced by up to 7 mmHg.

The focus is on moderate endurance sports, which among other things allow the arteries remain elastic, so that enough blood can flow without having to go against higher than normal resistance. This not only protects the walls of the vessels, but also lowers blood pressure.

Therefore, although this may initially sound daunting, you shouldn’t worry too much, because as long are you’re not indulging in a competitive sport then you should be just fine.

Much more important is a switch from complete inactivity to playing sports.

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Sports suitable for hypertension patients

Instead you should slowly build up your exercise over time. The aim is a light to moderate exercise which should last about 20 to 30 minutes.

It is also important that no so-called stress peaks occur during the playing of sports, so the training should always be carried out in a low to mid- range pulse. 

Therefore sports with increased sprints, such as tennis or badminton, should be avoided with hypertension.

One of the most important prerequisite is to exercise for several months about 2 to 3 times per week.

However, the amount of help this will achieve can’t always be predicted because each person is different and there is also a big difference between men and women.

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