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Stone Age diet for high blood pressure 

The Stone Age Diet 

The Stone Age diet to lose weight fast and healthy high blood pressure 

Lose weight with the diet of our ancestors 

The Stone Age diet is based on the diet of hunter-gatherers. It was eaten in the Stone Age and people used to have to adjust to the foods that was available at that time.

Thus the Stone Age diet in the true sense no traditional diet is but more of a permanent diet by switching to healthy and wholesome food. However, this type of diet for losing weight is very suitable and can lower blood pressure significantly. 

Historically, the Stone Age diet made perfect sense. Only through the introduction of refined sugar and flour products in our food chain in the 1950s did the spread of the so-called “diseases of affluence” become a possibility. Before this time, diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and related disorders such as high blood pressure were less common. 

Our ancestors were called the hunters and gatherers. They went hunting and had many dangers to survive. Predators also waited for hunting success and the man had to be very skilled to be successful in this environment. 

Hypertension is a lifestyle disease 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

Lose weight fast with hypertension 

The hunters lived very dangerously and wouldn’t always make a kill. Therefore, not every day could they eat fresh meat and it maybe went some weeks with no hunting success. The hunting season always had varying degrees of success. Then the hunt was associated with very large efforts, the hunter had to expend a lot of energy to get to the meat. Therefore, a Stone Age diet should pay attention to exercise because our ancestors had to chase the game so to speak.

The Stone Age diet without sufficient running can be only an inadequate substitute. In the Stone Age diet, however, people ate plenty of fish because our ancestors discovered very early on that this was a good source of protein.

Furthermore, the Stone Age diet included berries, fruits, mushrooms, nuts and seeds. Hunter-gatherers also collected vegetables in the wild. 

Change in diet 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

Hypertensive patients need to lose weight fast and healthily 

After the invention of the fire, the diet of our ancestors changed. Cooking and grilling the food made softer, easier to chew and also more durable. Science considers that a period of 20 generations is needed for sufficient lifestyle changes in our evolution.

The cooking of food and digesting heated food was completely accepted by our bodies. The consumption of raw food has been maintained by our ancestors in parallel over many millennia, so that a Stone Age diet should also include uncooked food. 

When using the Stone Age diet, there are no cereals or legumes, as there was no agriculture for Stone Age hunter-gatherers. Pasteurization was also unknown so that only fresh dairy products could have been consumed. Sugar and additives are widespread for us, but completely unnatural and unknown to our Stone Age ancestors.


The use of the Stone Age diet has brought a lot of criticism. The main point is the insufficient knowledge of the former diet at the time of about 10,000 years ago. However, high blood pressure patients can benefit from this form of diet tremendously. 

High blood pressure patients 

In hypertension the Stone Age diet is suitable for fast and healthy weight loss

The Stone Age diet is based on natural foods and with a little thought and interest you can imagine how these people lived. The food would have been different depending on the region, and the exact location of these settlers.

People could have had completely different eating habits. For example a tribe by the sea and a tribe in the mountains would have eaten very different things. Today we have plenty of choice and so can the Stone Age diet could be quite varied.

If you really want to permanently lose weight, the Stone Age diet is a very healthy and natural method. It is suitable for losing weight for everyone and you should try the Stone Age diet even if you want to lose weight fast and healthily. High blood pressure patients can also achieve excellent results.