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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

High blood pressure and stress

Hypertension caused by stress - Relax more often
Stress in hypertension

Who doesn’t know what stress is nowadays!

Stress increases and the feeling of powerlessness increase further and further.

Patients with hypertension appear to be trapped in their situation. 

It makes you think quickly, "if only I could say no sometimes".

But mostly we are trapped in our everyday stress trap and see no way out.

We feel persecuted and driven towards one stressful situation to another and our blood pressure can increase significantly.

Some patients with high blood pressure and heart failure know this fatal cycle only to well and unless something changes another heart attack is imminent.

The body and soul needs a proper diet, exercise, meditation and relaxation.

But how are we to accomplish this in our daily lives.

fight hypertension with german remedies

Avoid stress if you suffer from hypertension

When do we have the time to meditate, and when is it possible for us to eat properly and pay attention to a vitamin-rich and balanced diet?

In situations like these only a therapist is able to help the hopeless situation.

But small changes will bring about a good effect on your body.

Visiting a spa or getting a 1 hour massage may be a step in the right direction.

A sauna, a membership to a new gym, buying a meditation CD or just exercising in the fresh air can reduce stress and high blood pressure significantly.

You don’t need to suffer from hypertension!

Especially durable stress harms the cardiovascular system more than smoking, drinking or a lack of exercise.

But how does one relieve stress and high blood pressure?

The answer is simple, learn to delegate.

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High blood pressure and stress
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Stress in hypertension

Do not let other people give you even more tasks.

If you decide to accept help with your job it can seriously reduce your stress.

Take a look at your environment.

Who takes away your energy and who gives you more energy?

Who is a stress factor in your environment?

Make this a priority and dissociate yourself with those that take your energy and increase your stress.

If a friend knows that you suffer from stress, they should relieve you of any tasks help you, if they don’t then they are not your friend.

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Stress in hypertension is very bad for our heart
Stress in hypertension

If you suffer from stress pay attention to your blood pressure 

Nowadays, one always speaks of multitasking and only multitasking people are taken seriously.

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should focus only on one task at a time.

You should focus solely on yourself to reduce your high blood pressure as well as reducing your stress. 

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