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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Cause of high blood pressure - Stress

In hypertension - Avoid stress
Stress in hypertension

Hypertension is known as the silent killer, because it will destroy you gradually and will usually go unnoticed for years.

A common cause is stress and it is seemingly an ever-present variant, which can be very dangerous and just as durable as high blood pressure. 

Short-term symptoms of stress can be quite good and this is often referred to as eustress and can bring real productivity boosts when stress levels are reduced afterwards.

Now, if lowering your high blood pressure is the goal then you have to pay attention and try to get a stress-free lifestyle.

Why stressful times increase blood pressure 

Reducing high blood pressure was never an issue in olden times.

At that time stress was a momentary phenomenon that emerged as a result of adrenaline secretion of the stress hormone. 

It served as an aid for a flight or a fight in a dangerous situation - and at that time such a high adrenaline was usually only achieved when there was a real danger to life.

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Boss replace the saber-toothed tiger and makes stress

The sabre-toothed tigers of today are now considered to be annoying bosses, overtime, deadlines and sometimes even friends and family can cause you to become stressed.

Unfortunately, in our modern society, stress has become a permanent condition. 

Everyone knows it, everyone has it and those who don’t have it yet are likely to get it at some point in the future.

It is not as rare as before and it is this phenomenon that leads to an exceptional situation for the body in which the blood pressure will rise rapidly. 

If your mission is to lower your blood pressure, then you have to work at this constant stress that has been building up.

After all, our body is accustomed to be relaxed and not stressed for most of the time

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Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

As the hypertension sustainably reduce in stress?

reduce hypertension and effectively avoid stress
Stress in hypertension

A very effective and useful method for reducing blood pressure and stress can be meditation and relaxation exercises.

Although it is always advisable to play sports, some stressed people simply don’t have enough time in their everyday lives.

High blood pressure decreases with rest but also works because the body has deliberately induced relaxation.

Now there has been a reduction in your adrenaline there is now no danger.

High blood pressure can settle back to a normal and healthy value and you will certainly notice that the removal of stress has been the main reason.

It’s important to rest both physically and mentally.

If you have any circling thoughts, fears and anxieties, you need to deal with them to reduce the feeling of stress.

If you cannot really reduce your stress, then you are likely to begin to suffer from hypertension.

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