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High Blood Pressure - Load Measurement

Stress and load blood pressure monitoring
How to measure our blood pressure under load

Load measurement of our blood pressure

In the field of cardiac diagnosis and the treatment of high blood pressure, a stress test (ECG) is sometimes used. It can be used during a normal health check or suspicion of disease, for example, hypertension (high blood pressure).

What is the purpose of a stress test in high blood pressure?

The doctor can detect disturbances in the heart muscle, a heart rhythm disorder, hypertension and detect various heart diseases. These include coronary heart disease, heart attacks and disturbances in the mineral and salt balance of the body.

In cases of suspected high blood pressure take a stress test

If there is a suspicion of circulatory disorders, hypertension, or heart palpitations that only occur occasionally, they cannot usually be detected by a standard electrocardiogram, so it makes sense to perform a long-term ECG.

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How does the Load ECG work?

High blood pressure and ECGs under load
High blood pressure monitoring under load

In order to establish high blood pressure and circulatory disorders of the heart muscle during physical exercise, an exercise ECG is performed. Moreover, the severity of such problems can also be assessed and the right treatment can be applied.

The exercise ECG is recorded on a so-called Ergometer, which is a combination of an electrocardiograph, a blood pressure monitor and a treadmill or a bicycle ergometer. The ergometer can be set to produce a physical response from the patient. The loading shall be in accordance with clear guidelines by the physician. The hypertension patient should, for example, increase the performance on the cycle ergometer continuously.

The ECG device is used to record blood pressure and heart flows. These records result in the electrocardiogram, from which the state of the cardiovascular system can be closed by the doctor. The exercise ECG can record the data when the patient is exercising, while lying down or sitting on bicycle.

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The Sequence of a Load Blood Pressure Test

Stress ECG - Blood pressure monitoring
High blood pressure measurement under load

The procedure for a stress ECG is fixed. Below is the example to measure the load on a bicycle ergometer:

The patient sits on a bicycle ergometer, then electrodes are placed on their body to capture the data for the ECG.

The examiner places a blood pressure cuff on the upper arm of the patient, so that the blood pressure can be measured.

The patient then needs to start cycling and the blood pressure and pulse (heart rate) can be measured.

For most people, an exercise ECG is quite exhausting, but that's what the test requires by design. At this point the cardiovascular performance is measured.

The investigation is terminated as soon as dizziness, chest pain or shortness of breath occurs.

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