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Stress is a symptom of High Blood Pressure

Stress in hypertension can have serious consequences
Stress in Hypertension

In today's modern and stressful world hypertension is very common and more often than not stress is responsible.

With medication and an active coping with stress, the disease can be treated pretty well.

If, however, it goes untreated, it can lead to some serious consequences.

What forms of stress are responsible?

There are many causes of this.

Stress at work can also be the trigger as can personal problems, for example relationship issues.

Moreover, a stressful life can be the cause.

Symptoms of hypertension are rarely heeded.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to get some rest and relaxation in everyday life.

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Stress - Frequent Symptom of Hypertension

Stress often leads to different severe symptoms with regards to hypertension.

Sometimes they can even be ignored or not recognised at first.

Typical symptoms include nervousness, headaches, ringing in the ears or heart palpitations.

Also chest pain is typical.

Regular measurements should be performed in these cases.

If you notice any symptoms, its the best you visit your doctor

You can also measure your blood pressure at home.

There are devices available for purchase in pharmacies and health stores as well as online.

If the symptoms are not observed, hypertension can lead to a stroke or even a heart attack.

Even atherosclerosis is can be caused by hypertension.

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Stress dissolve in High Blood Pressure

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Stress in Hypertension

Stress can be caused by too much work, but also by boring activities.

Often employees have to be accessible on weekends over the phone or by email.

Thus, even during leisure time we’re still working and don’t often enough time to relax.

Personal stress factors can also cause the blood pressure to rise rapidly.

To counteract this, you can try different prescription drugs or homeopathic remedies.

Try to resolve stressful situations and relax as much as possible.

Do what you feel like doing.

A therapy for stress management may be helpful.

In therapy you can discuss problems, which might be causing your high blood pressure.

Having a conversation with friends can also help.

Speak from the soul and be honest with yourself and others.

Corresponding relaxation exercises can be helpful in everyday life.

Try not to get stressed in the workplace to protect yourself from high blood pressure.

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What can be done about Stress and Hypertension?

Drugs are helpful.

But hypertension can be countered by using simple methods.

Firstly, take a look at your salt intake.

Too much salt in combination with stressful situations can be harmful.

It is better to use less salt.

Reduce the amount of fast food that you eat and consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Instead of too much caffeinated coffee to drink, switch to tea or water.

Also important is regular exercise or sports.

With the right medications in combination with a relatively stress-free lifestyle you can reduce your blood pressure.


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