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Hypertension by too much sugar

Solutions for high blood pressure - limit the sugar significantly helps patients lower blood pressure clearly
Sugar and hypertension

Here, the project will examine whether too much can lead to sugar in the diet and high blood pressure by itself.

That is too much sugar in the diet is not healthy, either generally, should by now be familiar to most people.

Sweets and sugar per se need not be fundamentally unhealthy and not lead to hypertension, if you do not overdo it with the sugar in the supplied food.

Sugar, which is largely of course, may even be very healthy for high blood pressure, as well as fresh fruit is so sweet and should be eaten several times a day.

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The battle at the cold buffet and the hidden sugars

What bothers the vitamin B1-budget and thus the blood pressure, is a pure industrial sugar, ie granulated sugar and all the sweetened snacks, are often extremely poor in vitamins and nutrients.

People who rely so that such more goodies account, as it is proposed by the German Society for Nutrition for a balanced and nutritious diet so, then that may well drive the blood pressure in the height.

Blood pressure is naturally not immediately fast with such a sin as Pie Fight with a lot of sugar at a birthday coffee table in the height.

However, if a long time constantly beats all rules of a balanced, nutritious diet to the wind and sweets prepared with pure industrial sugar, in tons increasing to sooner have or anticipate later with a high probability even with hypertension as a result.

Whether is goes with hypertension, but also depends on other factors than just the diet and the sugar.

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In hypertension by too much sugar helps movement

Sugar and hypertension - moving reduce kilos quickly
Sugar and hypertension

The movement plays an important role, whether the blood pressure may or may not be too high, not only the diet and the sugar alone.

Who wants to counteract the long term hypertension, should pay special attention to both a balanced and nutritious diet, in the not too much sugar should come to the table and if so, in natural form as possible, but also adequate exercise.

The reasons for high blood pressure by sugar insulin balance and fat metabolism, are working hand in hand.

The insulin and lipoprotein lipase, which is needed for the cleavage of the fat particles and transport, always work together when too much energy has to be transported through the sugar into fat cells.

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Refined sugar leads to high blood pressure

If you move enough, must not be, because then this energy is also needed from the sugar.

The dreaded insulin resistance remains from then, even if only occasionally a chocolate bar was too much on the table.

If you move too little, which is already critical and hypertension may result.

Insulin and lipoprotein lipase may no longer be balanced, glucose and fatty acids are not transported together in the fat cells, but remain in large quantities in the blood.

Then, the blood pressure can rise and it also comes to hypertension and all dangerous consequences, by too much sugar now even draws the hypertension to be.

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In hypertensive save the sugar

The relationship that too much sweets and sugar into the diet to hypertension is the only reason to explain, if in addition a lack of movement is present, which can weaken the fat metabolism further and thus the insulin takes the opportunity to process the sugar in such a way as it should be.

Hazardous deposits in the blood vessels and high blood pressure are the result.

The direct relationship to vitamin B1 is, moreover, the fact that only full carbohydrates enough B1 included to convert glucose to energy also can.

Just sweets in the form of cakes, chocolate bars and sugar but does not contain enough vitamin B1, but also robs the body the vitamin.

The man who constantly feeds to feel weary, moves already therefore not enough and sets as accurately the vicious circle by sugar in transition, which can let the blood pressure are too high later.

There is a clear link between sugar and candida albicans, a fungus of the extremely likes eating sugar and the rumored of alternative medicine hypertension will ever trigger with.

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