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Susan Powter diet for high blood pressure

Susan Powter diet for high blood pressure 

Solutions for high blood pressure 

Using the Susan Powter diet can really help for high blood pressure

Many diets promise quick success, but very few can really achieve success. The Susan Powter diet differs from many other diets. This means that body weight can be reduced, without having to constantly have a growling stomach. But what are the pros and cons of this diet?

The three principles 

The three basic principles of the diet are a low fat diet, plenty of exercise and controlled breathing. You can only eat foods that have no more than 30% fat. Thus, the diet is based on the concept of a low-fat diet. Instead, more attention to paid the intake of protein and sources include legumes, low fat curd cheese, fish and lean meat. Milk products should also be avoided for losing weight.

Sport and the Susan Powter diet 

The Susan Powter-diet helps 

Susan Powter diet helps you to lose weight 

Furthermore, regular exercise is very important. At least three to four training sessions should take place per week. Thus, a calorie deficiency is achieved, so that the body weight is reduced. 

The increased protein intake helps to build muscles at the same time. Consequently, this also increases the metabolic rate of the body, thereby effectively burning fat. Correct breathing is the third and final principle. For those who want to lose weight healthily, must pay attention to a quiet abdominal breathing after this diet plan. By doing this, more oxygen enters the blood stream, and the power of the body is increased. Also the fat metabolism is stimulated, causing the body fat percentage to decrease. 

The advantages of Susan Powter-diet 

Under this program, no one has to contend with a constantly empty stomach. Instead, care must be taken only on the fat content of the food eaten. 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

If you can suffer from high blood pressure use the Susan Powter diet 

The sports program is also quite extensive, but beginners can also start with simple exercises. Thus, the program is also suitable for severely obese people. The well-known yo-yo effect is absent with a lot of discipline, provided the three basic principles are observed in the long term. 

The disadvantages of this program 

However, the diet program is not completely uncontroversial. The developer, the Australian author Susan Powter is accused that her program is not based on scientific studies.

The concept is very old in principle: low fat and exercise. Most diets write about these principles so there is no innovation in this diet.

Also, the calorie requirement per day is not considered. Instead, it only ensures that the food consumed has no more than 30 percent fat. The daily calorie requirement is, however, usually considered to determine whether you can lose weight healthily or not.