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The Swedish diet for high blood pressure

The Swedish diet for high blood pressure

Help with hypertension 

Lose weight fast and healthily with the Swedish Diet

Lose weight quickly with the mysteries of the Northern Lights 

Do you want to lose weight quickly and healthily? Have you ever heard of the Swedish diet? Sweden is a cold country in the north of Europe. Therefore, the Swedish cuisine has traditionally been fierce and hearty. 

People have had to brave the harsh climate and do heavy physical work. The preferred food was therefore rich in fats and carbohydrates. These eating habits in Sweden have been out of fashion for some time. Organic products are strongly on the rise and freshness is the buzzword in the Scandinavian diet. 

Fresh products

The Swedish diet mainly consists of fresh fish with a high content of omega-3 fats, balanced meals with plenty of fresh milk, berries of the season, and the famous Swedish crisp bread. Crisp bread is light in consistency and is an excellent replacement for German white bread. Especially Omega 3 products are particularly important for treating high blood pressure. 

Help with high blood pressure from the north 

Only by the seaside has traditional Swedish fishing made delicacies such as herring or smoked salmon and dill favourite dishes of the Germans.

Those who really want to lose weight should eat as much fish as possible. But fresh berries are very important in the diet of Sweden. Berries have a variety of beneficial properties for the human body. They bind the so-called free radicals and have a number of important vitamins in it so they are very important for high blood pressure patients. 

A little red meat 

Sweden has one of the lowest rates of stomach cancer patients in Europe. This has lead Sweden to research about the low consumption of red meat, which is very low when compared to the rest of Europe.

Studies have also shown parallels between the reduced demand for meat of Swedish people and the much smaller number of overweight people in Sweden compared to the rest of Europe. Diseases of affluence such as diabetes, high blood pressure or Candida albicans infestation in Sweden are also not as common as they are in the rest of Europe.

Exercise is particularly important in hypertension 

Solutions for treating high blood pressure diet by the Swedes 

Who has not heard of Nordic Walking? This sport is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany and offers movement of the whole body, which is well suited for beginners and can be carried through to old age. Nordic Walking burns more calories than normal walking because all muscle groups are in motion lean muscle is built evenly and gently. 

Nordic Walking is a popular sport in Sweden. 


The sauna in Sweden has a high value for dieting as it strengthens the immune system and promotes blood circulation in the cardiovascular system. Sweating makes you strong for the winter.

If you want to lose weight fast and healthily, you should take a sauna day and get the same benefits as the Swedish.

Sour milk 

The Swedes consume a lot of dairy products. However, Swedes have a different type of milk that what other Europeans drink. Sour milk is very high on the popularity list and it is more popular in Sweden than regular milk. All dairy products are rich in calcium and protein and have microorganisms that give provide many benefits for the intestinal flora.

For a quick and healthy weight loss program for people with high blood pressure milk products are important.