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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Reduce high blood pressure by sugar waiver

Solutions for high blood pressure - omit the sweets
sweets and hypertension

Treatment of hypertension nowadays is no longer in stock with medication.

In advance, it is important to find out the causes of the high blood pressure and remove.

Feeds on a person primarily of products that are sugary, this consumption is to contain initially.

Need to reduce hypertension by sugar clearly sugary products temporarily replaced by daily eating plan.

Strong sugary products are especially soft drinks, such as soda or cola, cakes, chocolate and ice cream.

Too much sugar can cause diabetes click.

Here you can find further information about the insidious disease Diabetes click.

fight hypertension with german remedies

Especially dangerous is the hidden sugars

In many other foods, the sugar is well hidden: namely Spicy sauces, ketchup, condiments and various ready meals do not taste sweet but contain vast amounts of white gold.

In such products, it is difficult to detect the sugar content.

But just sugar brings hypertension.

For names like dextrose, glucose, fructose or maltodextrin hide the sugar in the content information.

The impression of a sugar-free product is obtained.

Anyone who wants to lower his high blood pressure, need to know where and behind which term indicates sugar and high blood pressure can cause.

Products with high sugar content are ideally completely deleting from the diet.

Of course, no one has to do completely without sweets and sugar:

If the blood pressure in the green range, is an amount of 50 grams of white gold per day fine.

This corresponds approximately to a bar of milk chocolate.

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Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

Causes of hypertension - The sugar

Sugar leads to hypertension if too much is used
Sweets and hypertension

Increasingly sue people about hypertension.

The cause most organic disease comes into question.

However, also be taken as a source of high blood pressure into account an increased sugar consumption.

By forgoing the sugar can reduce hypertension.

Sugar makes you sick - hypertension

Whether in caramels, chocolate waffles, ice cream or sweet drinks: Sugar infected today in many foods.

The excessive consumption load the body the sweet treats and raise blood pressure, is known.

Often the increased consumption of sugar-containing goods contributes to obesity, bad teeth and diabetes.

According to a Spanish-American study favors a sugary diet as the likelihood of developing high blood pressure.

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Hypertension by sugar causes other hazards

Who feeds high sugar content, it will sooner or later run the risk of suffering from hypertension.

The increased blood pressure by sugar turn promotes numerous complications that worsen life.

Heart attack and stroke are the most dangerous and most common effects of high blood pressure.

In addition, there is the risk of atherosclerosis cancer (a hardening of the arteries) by high sugar intake.

The hardening of the arteries in turn increases the risk of a heart attack.

A heart failure, also called congestive heart failure, or renal failure are also possible consequences.

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