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Blood Pressure Charts and High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure tables and protocols
Blood pressure protocols and tables

Creating blood pressure tables

With high blood pressure you should create blood pressure tables

Those who suffer from high blood pressure should measure their blood pressure regularly. By using a table you can then check whether the values ​​are normal or too high.

The most common type of blood pressure measurement is the upper arm or wrist measurement. Older people can measure their blood pressure regularly. It’s especially important for older people because they are at the age where there is an increased risk of high blood pressure.

Even in pregnancy measuring the blood pressure values is important. Even in normal check-ups the blood pressure is measured.

It is also important to measure the blood pressure over several days get a detailed overview of the current situation. This is important because the blood pressure can behave differently depending on the day, activities, diet and other circumstances such as stress.

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Blood Pressure Tables and Protocols

Blood pressure tables in hypertension
Hypertension and blood pressure protocols

You don’t need to live with high blood pressure - create blood pressure tables

You should maintain accurate records with high blood pressure

In the recording of blood pressure you should specify the time and the activity that you were doing shortly before the measurement. This should include information about sports, what you have eaten, and whether you were feeling stressed or particularly happy at that time.

Normal adults should, depending on their age, have blood pressure between 120-130 mmHg and the diastolic values ​​should be between 80 and 85. High blood pressure occurs when the values are around 140 to 90 mmHg.

For older people the values ​​can be slightly higher than in younger people, because the aging process can reduce the elasticity of the blood vessels.

However, this does not mean that high blood pressure in the elderly can be trivialized. In addition, other risk factors may come about from diseases of the cardiovascular system that make it even more likely in old age.

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Written Records of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure protocols and tables
Create blood pressure tables

In mild hypertension, the systolic blood pressure value (degree one) is between 140 to 159 mmHg in systolic and diastolic value is between 90 and 99 mmHg.

In moderate hypertension (2nd grade) the values ​​increase to 160-179 mmHg and 100-109. The third degree of hypertension (severe hypertension), the values are ​​in the range of 180 mm Hg for the systolic value and more than 110 for the diastolic value.

It is important to understand that the transition between the different grades of hypertension is fluid and rigid benchmarks can be misleading.

These figures must be seen in conjunction with other diseases such as diabetes or whether are they smoking, consuming too much alcohol, or are overweight

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