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Hypertension and telmisartan

High blood pressure - Telmisartan


Telmisartan belongs to a group drugs for hypertension and belongs to the chemical group of sartans.

This remedy for hypertension is sold under the trade names of Kinzal, Micardis, Kinzalplus, Micardis Plus + hydrochlorothiazide and as generics.

The material occurs as a white and yellow powder, which is taken orally in pill form. It is only taken for light and medium hypertension.

Mode of action of telmisartan

The lowering of blood pressure is caused by the physiological effect of angiotensin 2 at the AT1 receptor. Angiotensin 2 belongs to the group of peptide hormones that are directly involved in the formation of blood pressure.

There will be an increased retention of water and sodium aldosterone, which is favoured by vasoconstriction.

Side effects of telmisartan

Telmisartan achieved good effects in hypertension

As with all medications that fight against hypertension, telmisartan can also have some side effects which may occur during or after a prolonged intake.

There may be the usual and very frequent side effects, such as mild headaches, fatigue, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

Depression can be triggered, but the symptoms usually come after some time. A very low blood pressure can also arise, causing fainting.

Telmisartan for hypertension can also lead to muscle pain and coughs. Sometimes, although rarely, renal impairment may occur.

Interactions of telmisartan

The ingredient telmisartan may also interact with other agents. The drop in blood pressure can be helped by the additional intake of alcohol or antidepressants.

Alcohol should therefore be avoided in order to keep the blood pressure stable.

ACE inhibitors and drugs with potassium can reduce the effect, which can lead to an increase in blood pressure. Lithium, which is also used as a psychotropic drug should not be taken together with the Sartan, since it can lead to the poisoning of the body.

You should also watch out for the simultaneous administration of this drug with other beta-blockers, as this may partly affect the operation of beta blockers.

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Side effects of telmisartan with high blood pressure

Interactions of telmisartan

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