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The Thailand diet for high blood pressure

The Thailand diet for high blood pressure

Thai diet while slimming

Lose weight fast and healthily when you have high blood pressure with the Thai diet 

Do you want to eat good food while slimming? Then you should take a look at the Thai cuisine. Thai food includes delicious curries, wonderful fish dishes, rice and more. You can visit a Thai restaurant for a special evening or take a holiday in the Land of Smiles for an unforgettable experience. 

Southeast Asians are rarely overweight and don’t usually suffer from high blood pressure. They often eat all day and usually eat big meals. Howe can they do it? The answer is simple. Thais eat properly; they avoid fattening foods and have virtually no processed foods on the menu. 

In Thailand there are also lots of small markets where you can buy fresh products quickly and easily. These markets do not exist in Europe, so we need to spend more on planning a shopping list if we want to eat like the Thais. But what can we learn from the Thais and take to our own diets? 

Avoid processed products 

Processed products are not very healthy. They often contain many additives added salt and other unhealthy things including lots of sugar, flavour enhancers, and fats that are mixed into the final product so that they taste better. The content information is often confusing and sometimes honest, but who reads the information on the label? If you really want to lose weight you have to give up processed foods.

Lose weight healthily and quickly 

Hypertensive patients often have to lose weight fast

Cook fresh 

The Thais have a small feeding station on nearly every corner. They have only fresh products going into the wok. Almost everywhere is the lemon grass with its intense fragrance, the sweet and sour sauce with pineapple base and the ever-popular Satay kebabs.

If you want to lose weight fast and healthy, you should take the trouble to cook fresh. In our recipe section you will find plenty of tasty and healthy suggestions that are easy to cook.

Cook Spicy Food

Spicy food is not to everyone's taste but it attacks the fat reserves in the body. A substance contained in chillies take on the fat metabolism and release a lot of happiness hormones.

Fresh Herbs 

Thais use fresh herbs in almost all of their dishes. Herbs are tasty, contain many useful and valuable ingredients and are very inexpensive and add variety to your taste buds. To lose weight healthily you should you should have many fresh herbs in your kitchen. 

Help from Southeast Asia 

Help with high blood pressure 

Rice instead of potato 

The most important part of a Thai meal is rice. Rice is very good for you. There are innumerable varieties of rice. When using the Thai diet, you should choose a type of rice that tastes good and not pay too much attention to the price because there are big differences.


Who does not like to nibble? When snacking you should refrain from industrially produced sweets. If you ever have an appetite for sweets you can make Thai sweets. Peel 2 bananas, halve the fruit and give the halves with a little butter in a pan until the delicious smell of baked banana rises. 

Then you can deglaze with a little cognac or some sugar. The Thais have almost no chocolate because everything melts in the heat. Avoid your usual sweets and the pounds will melt. 

Quick and healthy slimming 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

With high blood pressure it is particularly important to maintain your body weight

Fish instead of meat

Thailand is surrounded by the sea, fresh fish is available almost everywhere. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contains vitamins A, D and B, as well as iodine and lots of protein. 

Thais eat little red meat. Take this wisdom from the land of smiles and refrain from eating red meat. For those times you desire for meat, try chicken on skewer.


Thailand has many fruits and almost after every meal Thais eat fruit as a sweet conclusion. Try eating delicious fruits as a substitute for a candy bar. Fruits contain important vitamins. Pineapple, papaya, bananas and mangoes are the standard fruits of Thais and round off any meal. 

A Thai diet brings variety into their weight loss program and the possibility to dine and consume healthy vitamins. Be inspired by the magic of Thailand and eat yourself slim.