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Tightness in the chest as a symptom of Hypertension

Solutions for high blood pressure - tightness in the chest
Tightness in Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common disease.

If it goes undiagnosed and untreated for a long time it can cause serious damage.

Particularly problematic is the so-called arterial hypertension.

This is where the blood pressure is increased within the arterial system, when the blood is leading away from the heart vasculature, and this state is usually chronic, when it is diagnosed by a physician.

In general, the systolic blood pressure has it already reached a minimum of 140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure has reached a value of 90 mmHg.

Often the causes of this disease can be found in the endocrine system of the patient and are often cardiovascular diseases.

However, the doctors are not 100% sure of what exactly causes the disease.

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Hypertension - Tightness in the chest as a symptom

The cause of the disease is always different and can depend on various factors.

It is believed that about 30-50% of the world population is affected by the disease.

In Central Europe, the spread of the disease is estimated to be about 20% of the total adult population.

It is known that the risk of developing arterial hypertension comes with increasing age.

Get your symptoms checked by a doctor

To rule out complications that may give rise to a sudden cardiac death, you should pay attention to early symptoms and individual sensations.

One symptom includes a painful tightness in the chest, also known as angina pectoris.

Often it is accompanied by a shortness of breath during physical stress and it can also lead to vision problems.

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Tightness in the chest may occur with Hypertension

Tightness in the chest may occur with hypertension
Tightness in Hypertension

The symptom of tightness in the chest is always a paroxysmal pain in the heart area.

Mostly, the pain begins suddenly.

Often it is preceded by physical or emotional stress.

The attacks can last for some time or only a few seconds.

However, there are also progressive forms which can cause spasmodic chest pain that can last over several minutes or even many hours.

The origin of the pain is often behind the breastbone, in the midst of the so-called Head's zone.

From there, the paroxysmal pain moves to the lower jaw, shoulders, upper arms, the back, and can also move to the fingers.

Very often patients complain about breathlessness and a feeling of constriction on the chest.

Usually the pain is accompanied by strong anxiety and persistent sweating.


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