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High blood pressure - Timolol

Hypertension - timolol

This drug, which is known under the brand name Timololum is for the treatment of hypertension, also known as hypertension, are used. In addition, the drug timolol can also be very successfully applied to glaucoma, so that the intraocular pressure is not increased further.

Timolol brings the values ​​of high blood pressure back into the normal range back and normalizes blood pressure in the long term.

How does Timolol:

The drug for hypertension is a drug in the group of beta-blockers. The drug timolol has a very positive effect on the heart and slows its beat frequency in order to reduce the pressure of the blood.

The kidneys release renin, a blood pressure increasing hormone, and renin is reduced by timolol therefore further reducing the blood pressure. The drug displaces the body's chemical messengers and high blood pressure is successfully prevented.

The beta-blocker timolol

Timolol as beta-blockers help bring high blood pressure

How to use Timolol

The drug timolol is included in most eye drops and is carefully and gently instilled into the eye. The intraocular pressure is reduced and simultaneously the blood pressure is reduced.

Timolol has to be combined with other drugs, to successfully act against excessive pressure in the blood. It should not be applied with drugs for heart disease, heart failure, low blood pressure, disturbance of nerve conduction in the heart, breathing disorders, bronchitis, asthma, and a slow heartbeat.

The side effects

Everyone reacts differently to the use of medication and some will have no side effects and others will have many. Depending on the type and frequency of administration of this drug, the side effects can be substantial.

Side effects of timolol

Examples of side effects include: blurred vision, conjunctival irritation, hanging eyelids, dry eyes, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, headache, depression, itching, bronchial spasms, cardiac arrhythmia and corneal inflammation.

The interactions

The interactions are depending on the form in which the drug timolol is taken. If timolol is taken with other antihypertensive agents at the same time, it might actually increase the blood pressure.

The same interactions also occur with concurrent use of sleeping pills, diuretics, vasodilators and narcotics. If this drug is taken with insulin it can amplify the effect of the insulin.

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The beta blocker timolol

Side effects of timolol

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