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Toronto General Hospital diet for high blood pressure

Toronto General Hospital diet for high blood pressure

A quick and healthy decrease in hypertension with cabbage soup 

Lose weight with cabbage soup 

Again and again we hear about the cabbage soup diet and people who have taken this soup have lost 5 pounds in a week. This slimming diet has been around for quite some time and came to Europe in many variations. The original diet is easily explained. 

You can eat the cabbage soup as much as you want. 

The soup consists of the following ingredients:


4 large onions 

1 large can of tomatoes 

1 medium cabbage 

2 peppers 

1 bunch of celery 

4 carrots 

1 packet of onion soup (finished product) 

All the ingredients are chopped, put in a pot with enough water and boiled for one hour and seasoned with soy sauce. If you want to lose weight fast and healthily (especially good for high blood pressure patients) you should try the cabbage soup diet.

Here the allowances plan to soup for a week. 

On the first day, you can eat the soup and as much fruit (except bananas) as you want. 

On the second day comes as a supplement to the soup you can eat all vegetables (except potatoes). You can eat them raw or cooked. However, legumes are excluded. 

On the third day of vegetables (excluding potatoes) and fruits (no banana) eaten as a supplement to the soup, you should continue with the same thing.

On the fourth day is then the allowance include bananas and milk. You can take up to 10 bananas and 10 glasses of low fat milk. 

On the fifth day you eat up to 400 grams of grilled beef to cabbage soup and eat up to 10 tomatoes with a little oil. Today you need to drink plenty of water to neutralize the acidity of the meat. 

Cabbage Soup Diet 

Lose weight fast and healthily with the Cabbage Soup Diet 

On the sixth day you can eat lots of vegetables (excluding potatoes) and you can eat as much grilled meat as you want. Today you need to drink more water in order to neutralize the acid from the meat.

On the last day you can eat brown rice and vegetables of any kind (excluding potatoes) and sugar-free fruit juices. 

The Toronto General Hospital diet (cabbage soup diet) really helps you to lose weight. You can also repeat the diet week as long as you feel good about it. 

However, nutritionists have mixed opinion on this weight loss program and maintain that this diet over the longer term can be unhealthy as not all nutrients are contained in the cabbage soup diet. 

In addition, you need to work hard to keep the weight off permanently. Decreasing the dreaded yo-yo effect can be particularly hard.

Only a permanent lifestyle change can bring lasting success. To lose weight quickly keep it off you need to start doing sports and physical activities. With the cabbage soup diet it is possible 

This form of diet is very well suited for high blood pressure and you will achieve initial success on which you can then build on.