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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Hypertension and the traditional European medicine

Hypertension is one of the biggest diseases of affecting the world today.

There isn’t just one cause for high blood pressure, there are many.

Often, the high blood pressure is the result of various factors including physical, mental and other lifestyle-related issues.

In order to reduce high blood pressure naturally a holistic treatment is often recommended.

Short-term increases in blood pressure, for example during sport also work well.

After finishing your exercise routine, you blood pressure will go back to normal levels.

A long-term problem with high blood pressure is unhealthy and it is often medically advised to lower blood pressure naturally and to keep your blood pressure at normal levels.

The treatment of hypertension can be done with the traditional European medicine or herbal medicine by Hildegard von Bingen. 

fight hypertension with german remedies

The diagnosis of blood pressure according to the TEM

Solutions for hypertension - Hildegard v.Bingen
TEM in hypertension

The traditional European medicine uses iris diagnosis as a diagnostic parameter.

This can be a reliable indicator for the physical sensitivities in a patient.

The basis for the traditional European medicine is the juices doctrine.

Traditional medicine helps to balance the body and mind.

It is a holistic approach of naturopathy, and can be very helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Since high blood pressure is often associated with an acidification of the body, using the traditional European medicine can often remedy the situation.

It words by changing the body juices from the acidic range in the basic region which is a first step to help lower the blood pressure.

The traditional European medicine ensures that the pollutants are transported back from inside the body to the outside.

Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

The teachings of Hildegard von Bingen and the monks

If you want to lower blood pressure naturally, Hildegard of Bingen can help.

It is a natural medicine containing herbs, stones, and sounds (sound therapy) can help to lower blood pressure naturally.

By a relaxation of the mind, the load is removed from the body and the blood pressure will go down.

Nettle tea helps to remove toxins from the body.

Mint tea has a cooling effect and can be used to lower blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure using a regular dieting is a very effective.

High blood pressure is often associated with obesity, and therefore periodic dieting is very for lowing your blood pressure naturally.

In your daily diet, you should try to consume fruit, vegetables and salads.

Meats, salt, fatty foods, coffee and alcohol should be avoided. 

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The right tea for hypertension after TEM

Teas in hypertension in the trad. European Medicine
TEM in hypertension

When you have high blood pressure a good idea is to brew a tea containing equal parts of St. John's wort, yarrow herb, hawthorn blossom, shepherd's purse, and centaury.

Drink at least 3 cups of this tea daily.

You can also try 20g marjoram, 25g mistletoe leaves, 15g thyme, 20g hawthorn blossoms, 10g willow bark in 1 litre of white wine which can also be consumed 3 times a day.

Herbal shops have the right mix of herbs on offer and the internet is also a good place to find herbal medicine.

In addition, nutmeg soup is also recommended as a supplement in traditional European medicine.

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Alphabetical list of alternative therapies

- bloodletting

- Acupuncture for Hypertension

- Acupressure in hypertension

- Ayurveda in hypertension

- Bach flower remedies for hypertension

- Candida and hypertension

- Gallen cleaning by Dr. Clark in hypertension

- Grabovoi numbers in hypertension

- Homeopathy

- HOT Hematogenous oxidation therapy for hypertension

- Hypnosis for hypertension

- Dairy products in hypertension

- Kidney Cleanse by Dr. Clark in hypertension

- Cleaning the arteries in hypertension (Chinese therapy.)

- Salts in hypertension

- Tibetan healing teachings in hypertension

- Traditional Chinese medicine

- Traditional European Medicine

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