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Blood Pressure - upper Arm measuring Instruments

Check blood pressure with upper arm gauges
Blood pressure monitoring on the upper arm

Upper arm monitors - sphygmomanometers

Hypertension is a common disease. A normal blood pressure should be at 120/80 mg Hg in adults. High blood pressure starts at about 140/90. For patients with hypertension, it is important to measure the blood pressure regularly with sphygmomanometers.

Medical use for the measurement of blood pressure in healthy patients and for people with high blood pressure are usually instruments that measure the pressure at the upper arm (sphygmomanometers).

Even for home measurement and there are blood pressure devices with an upper arm cuff that reliably and accurately measure and display blood pressure.

You can buy such sphygmomanometers in stores, pharmacies or medical supply stores. Several manufacturers offer models with arm cuffs that take measurements in exactly the same way as the doctor does.

The operation of sphygmomanometers is very easy and also very suitable for the elderly.

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Measure the Values daily on the upper Arm

Measuring high blood pressure on the upper arm
Blood pressure monitoring on the upper arm

Patients with hypertension should check their blood pressure at the same time of day, every day in a quiet place. You shouldn’t speak during the measurement.

The modern sphygmomanometers are equipped with batteries and are digitized so that they can store blood pressure values ​​from several days. The display is clear and easy to read on all devices.

A classic sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff with a hose that is connected to the actual device.

During the measurement, the cuff should be placed at heart level on the upper arm with the Velcro. The cuff should rest directly on the skin and should not be mounted too high or too low. For people with very strong upper arms, there are XXL cuffs. The tube should run down the inside of the forearm.

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Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitoring

Upper arm blood pressure monitoring
Monitor your blood pressure on the upper arm

The measurement should be taken according to the manual and user guide of each sphygmomanometers.  You should ensure that the blood pressure measurement has finished and then the digital display will show systolic and diastolic blood pressures as well as your pulse.

If the measurement was not performed correctly, the sphygmomanometers will show that there has been an error and that the measurement must be repeated.

Good, reliable upper arm instruments are available from approximately 25.00 USD up to 60.00 USD. For people with hypertension, this is a sensible purchase. Many health insurances cover the cost of such sphygmomanometers  especially if the doctor issues a prescription for one.

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