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High Blood Pressure and Visual disturbances

Solutions for hypertension - blurred vision possible
Visual disturbances in Hypertension

Almost half of the population over 50 years old are affected by high blood pressure.

This is a circulatory disease, which carries the medical term hypertension.

Frequent or constant values ​​that exceed 140/90 mm ​​Hg should be treated.

The symptoms are often nonspecific, so that an increased blood pressure can go undetected for a long time.

General symptoms include:

If these signs occur then organ damage may already be a possibility.

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Impact of Hypertension on the eyes

The blood vessels are damaged by the constant high pressure and will become narrower leading to a further increase in the blood pressure.

This leads to a poorer blood supply to the organs and also the retina.

Retinal diseases can also lead to hypertension.

If you have a retinal disease, you should go to an eye doctor. 

This means that the blood pressure should be lowered.

Only then can you ensure that retinal changes are not progressive.

The result of such a change is a weakened eyesight.

Vision problems that occur for a long time might be a sign of hypertension.

With a distinctive form of hypertensive retinopathy, however, there is inevitably poor eyesight.

The innovative technique of diagnosis and treatment prevents blindness in most cases.

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What can be done with Visual disturbances and Hypertension

Vision problems are very common in hypertension
Visual disturbances in Hypertension

High blood pressure can also come from Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is characterized by a very high intraocular pressure.

If there is damage to the retina and the optic nerve, this can lead to a reduction of vision.

Vision problems may be the result of a stroke, which can also be a consequence of high blood pressure.


Visual defects that are due to hypertension can be treated.

As with all diseases, the treatment is simpler the sooner that it is recognized.

When it comes to vision problems, you need treat the underlying disease.

This is best achieved in a medical setting


There is a chance of regress bleeding and deposits in the retina.

Chronic vascular damage can lead to progressive retinal changes and visual impairment.

If you have hypertensive retinopathy then you need to visit a doctor as there is a chance that damage has already occurred.


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