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Vitamin B 9 ( Folic acid ) with High Blood pressure

Vitamin B 9 is also water soluble vitamins like all the B group and has the scientific name of folic acid.

The daily requirement is specified with 300-600 micrograms of the WHO.

In medicine, vitamin B 9 anti-aging effect and is said to have many anti-aging products contain folic acid.

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But also for blood formation, for the development of the nervous system and the vascular system for cell growth and to minimize the risk of malformation in pregnancy the fetus folic acid is extremely important.

Also for the health of the cardiovascular system, for cell renewal, for a healthy immune system, for a sufficient oxygen supply for the elasticity of bone and a good nights sleep folic acid is recommended.

If you experience a drop of red and white blood cells and platelets, suffer from weakness and fatigue.

As well as under coughing if they have a red tongue when they suffer from headaches or her immune system is not working properly then it could be a lack of folic acid in the body have.

Also, lack of folic acid with an increase in the risk of dementia is associated.

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The essential Vitamin B 9 and Hypertension

With hypertension Vitamin B 9 is particularly important
Vitamin B 9 in Hypertension

Especially with hypertension vitamin B 9 is particularly important

With these symptoms you should customize with your doctor or medical practitioner definitely a complete blood count to determine if they are adequately supplied vitamins and minerals and if not what vitamins or minerals their body missing.

If you can only experience mild symptoms taking a multivitamin preparation or a vitamin B complex relieve your symptoms already.

However, you should check with your doctor or therapist.

Especially the proportion of folic acid is in the following foods:beef liver, beets, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, wheat germ, corn salad, green leafy vegetables, beans, cabbage, liver and yeast.

Folic acid appears just in hypertensive patients as one of the most important vitamins folic acid because the anti-aging effect is said.

In hypertensive arteries and veins are strongly affected by the constant pressure.

These effects can repair the folic acid and thus contribute to your well-being and health.

Just a lack of folic acid it has a negative effect on the blood picture of because it can lead to anemia.

Especially in diseases of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis), you should definitely pay attention to the folic acid.

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