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Vitamin D as a Remedy with High Blood Pressure

Solutions for high blood pressure - enough vitamin D
Vitamin D in Hypertension

Vitamin D has been underestimated for decades in its operation and function.

Although it was clear for a long time already that it was required to build a healthy bone structure and healthy teeth in the human body and the hypofunction caused by vitamin D deficiency, caused rickets in children.

Only recently has the idea took hold that in this vitamin much more to it than previously thought.

Until now, a vitamin D deficiency especially the sun poor countries affected, but by the current of life that limit daily activities increased in confined spaces (eg. As office work), more and more people around the world by a vitamin D deficiency affected.

For the first time the vitamin D was in focus, as more and more sick children at the disfiguring rickets at the start of industrialization.

But only through the search for a cure for this disease, the doctors came to the relationship between sunlight and the disease and the importance of vitamin D's for calcium metabolism.

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Take enough Vitamin B with High Blood Pressure

After the rickets could be successfully controlled by the administration of cod liver oil and UV irradiation, further exploration of vitamin played only a minor role.

Only recent studies have shown that a good vitamin D supply contributes to prevent chronic diseases.

Here, the vitamin D in the proper sense is not really a vitamin, but a kind of precursor to a hormone.

Because unlike the other vitamins to be absorbed by the food, this Vitamin produced by the human body for the most part itself.

This was mainly sunlight is needed - because up to 90 percent of the vitamin production is done by UV irradiation of the skin

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Oily fish is rich in Vitamin D and lowers Hypertension

VThere are also some food products which can be referred to as vitamin D sources.

The older generation will remember above all still at the "infamous" cod liver oil and its enjoyment everything else was, as a true taste experience.

Particularly fatty fish such as salmon, herring or Sardinia are considered good vitamin D sources.

Also, some dairy products and eggs, and various fungal species (eg. As shiitake or porcini mushrooms) contain this vitamin.

However, the Vitamin D content is significantly lower here than that of fish.

But all these foods do not constitute a real alternative to the sun.

Because with a realistic amount that can take a man to himself, these only cover 10 to 20 percent of the vitamin D requirement.

This is but just to get at a sufficient operating outdoors, such as in the form of a small walk.

Ideally should be avoided even in rainy days on a screen.

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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

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