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Vomiting as a symptom of Hypertension

Vomiting as a symptom of hypertension
Vomiting in Hypertension

Vomiting - a non-specific symptom!

Vomiting (medically known as: vomitus or emesis) is a non-specific symptom that can have many causes and triggers.

These include general sickness, disgust, pregnancy and more.

It’s hard to connect this symptom to high blood pressure.

This symptom is caused by a protective reflex in the stomach that can, among other things, just be trying to get rid of rotten food.

Here, the body tries to get rid of harmful things.

In this context, this symptom becomes more problematic when individuals increasingly complain of nausea.

Here the real nausea starts in the brain, which sends refractive signals the vomiting centre of the brain stem, which coordinates the actual time of the vomiting.

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Nausea, Vomiting and Hypertension

In this case there are initial signals such as increased pressure in the stomach or intestines that tell you that you are about to vomit.

But it is not always linked to tainted food.

Alcohol use or pregnancy can also trigger this symptom, but also serious diseases such as meningitis or high blood pressure (hypertension) can trigger it too.

When you should be concerned about vomiting?

Vomiting begins with an extremely unpleasant feeling of nausea, which is particularly noticeable in the area of the upper abdomen and also leads to a loss of appetite.

There is also an uncomfortable feeling in the lower pharynx which can lead to an increasing feeling of nausea and more saliva.

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Vomiting associated with Hypertension - controlled by the brain

The vomiting - a clear symptom of hypertension
Vomiting in Hypertension

The entire process is strictly controlled by the vomiting centre in the brain.

A mild stimulation can trigger the feeling of increasing nausea.

If this feeling stronger the probability is very high that the person concerned will vomit.

If this starts to happen frequently, a doctor should be consulted because it might be a sign of a more serious disease such as high blood pressure (hypertension) or a gastrointestinal infection.

The causes and possible diseases!

It isn’t only high blood pressure that causes people to vomit more.

Other reasons include food poisoning, intoxication with drugs, a heavy alcohol or nicotine intake.

Serious diseases such as high blood pressure, peritonitis (peritonitis), inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) or an ulcer (gastric ulcer) often lead to frequent vomiting.


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