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High Blood Pressure and the Weather

High blood pressure and the weather
Cold or warm is important - weather and hypertension

High blood pressure, the influence of the weather plays an important role!

About 50% of the population are affected by high blood pressure in Europe. However, many do not know that they have high blood pressure because it cannot be felt and causes no pain. Therefore, this can be very dangerous, because untreated high blood pressure can have serious consequences (heart attack).

It is therefore very important that even people who believe that they are healthy to check their blood pressure levels regularly. Those who have blood pressure problems, should check very regularly, perhaps even daily.

Hypertension is very treatable with medications in modern medicine but you can do a great deal to regulate the blood pressure without medication.

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Hypertension and the Climate - Weather Impact

hypertension - influence of the weather
How the weather can influence your blood pressure

With high blood pressure, the weather has influence

Hypertension is a vascular disease. The weather can be a major influence on the blood pressure. Particularly ill and older people react very strongly.

In cold temperatures, the blood vessels in the skin are close together and the body gives off as little heat as possible. Due to the constricted vessels, the blood is pumped through the heart at a higher pressure.

As a result, the blood pressure increases, and the burden on the heart increases. For healthy people this is easily usually no problem. However, in hypertensive patients there is an increased risk of heart attack.

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Heat and cold in Hypertension

Weather in hypertension

The weather has a big impact on high blood pressure

Heat and cold also influences the blood. In the summer months the blood may be thicker. The cold weather often enhances certain blood clotting factors. Both temperature ranges also increase the risk of thrombosis.

High blood pressure can be reduced by regularly taking the prescribed medicine in the right dosage and also constantly checking your blood pressure.

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Weather and Hypertension - trained people do better

Another important factor when the body is trained.

Regular exercise is very important. It need not be a competitive sport. Even daily walking or cycling in the fresh air can be very helpful. Even regular sauna sessions can really help with your high blood pressure and help you to regulate your blood pressure naturally.

A positive side effect is that this increases the power consumption in the body and muscle loss is reduced. Combined with a healthy diet, you should really notice many benefits and not just a decrease in the risk of getting high blood pressure.

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The Weight and the Weather - High Blood Pressure

Last but not least, you can of course reduce your blood pressure by losing weight and eating a healthy diet. This should provide a cure for hypertension in most patients.

Many health insurance companies pay for such treatments, especially if there has been a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

We recommend the Health Center Zimmermann in South Germany. Some of our editors have been able to lower their blood pressure to a normal level.

However, this is an expensive spa so you usually have to bear the costs yourself. 

When all factors are considered, hypertension can be reduced even when our body is subject to the ever-changing weather.

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