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The Weight Watchers diet

The Weight Watchers diet 

Solutions for high blood pressure 

In hypertension, the Weight Watchers diet can help you lose weight 

How Does the Weight Watchers diet? 

Weight Watchers offers a nutrition program called the "PointsPlus" plan. With this plan you can lose weight without having to give up your favourite foods. In a diary documenting what is drunk and eaten on the day you can see how much can be consumed using the so-called ProPoint budget. The ProPoints budget is calculated individually and depends on weight, sex, height and age. 

Weight Watchers Diet - Advantages 

With the Weight Watchers program you don’t only learn how much you should consume each day, but also the right foods to choose. You learn to make better choices when shopping and prepare your favourite meals easier and healthier. Losing weight and eating the foods you like is the key here!

Weight Watchers online 

Lose weight with Weight Watchers 

Losing weight when you have high blood pressure with the Weight Watchers system 

To give the participants of Weight Watchers as much support as possible, there is also an online program and an app for your phone or tablet. The barcode-scanner can scan products and check the ProPoints system and give you a score.


On the website www.weightwatchers.com there are many useful tips for health and fitness, great recipe ideas, success stories, and a community page where participants can exchange information on all topics in various forums.

There is also an online store with exclusive affiliate products. A personal coach will be provided to participants on the side who can answer all your questions about Weight Watchers. 

There are also regular Weight Watchers meetings to provide an extra boost of motivation. Overall, the Weight Watchers diet appears to be particularly flexible, promising and compatible with your everyday life. 

The disadvantages 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

Losing weight when you have high blood pressure with the Weight Watchers diet 

The Weight Watchers diet is easy and you will lose weight if you stick with it. The documentation for the diet also takes a long time read. The program is particularly advantageous but only if you buy the commercial Weight Watchers products. 


All in all, the Weight Watchers program thoroughly recommended and suitable for losing weight. You get all of the important nutrients and vital substances and you learn a lot about your own eating habits.