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Xipamide with high blood pressure

Xipamide and high blood pressure

Xipamide is used for water retention in the tissue from the body.

It increases the secretion of fluid and electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, potassium, and calcium by the kidney.

Water retention can have different causes such as heart disease, liver or kidney disease.

The increased fluid excretion also means that the blood pressure is reduced in the arteries, which is why xipamide is also an effective drug for high blood pressure.

This drug belongs to the family of diuretics that promote the excretion of water from the body by the kidney. What originally caused the accumulation of water is relatively unimportant.

Water retention can occur during a heart muscle weakness, high blood pressure, kidney dysfunction or liver cirrhosis.

Such disturbances can hinder the work of the lungs and heart. Then it is also called edema. Even in cases of poisoning, diuretics are used for washing out the poisons.

The diuretics xipamide

Xipamide as diuretics brings help for high blood pressure

For hypertension and high blood pressure, the diuretics xipamide is used

If you have lighter fluid retention, it can initially be counteracted with herbal ingredients.

A diuretic works by preventing reuptake of sodium chloride and potassium in the kidney tissue. The site of action is called the loop of Henle. The water bound to these minerals is excreted.

In xipamide also another mechanism is possible. Although it also prevents the recovery of sodium chloride, it also increases the amount of urine, which is filtered by the kidney and thereby the blood pressure is reduced.

It is taken in tablet form, but it should only be used when there is no liver disorder or increased calcium levels. The medication can even lead to brain damage.

Diuretics for high blood pressure

Since it does not affect the renal blood flow nor filtration rate in the circulatory system, the drug is still effective. The drug reaches its maximum effect between the third and the sixth hour. The same effect is also the best time for hypertension.

Common side effects may include nausea and vomiting, as well as heart rhythm disturbances.

The increased excretion of minerals and water through the treatment can generally produce an acid deficiency of the body.

This lack of blood in the system can also result in a thickening of the blood which can lead to seizures, dizziness and confusion.

Here you will find our overview of the diuretics that used to treat high blood pressure.

The diuretic xipamide

Diuretics like xipamide in hypertension

Natural diuretics and dehydrating agents

The diuretics (water resources), we distinguish between natural and medications.

The natural resources are already listed on our health portal with a focus on hypertension, visit the remedy. The highly dewatered remedies (diuretic action) are here for completeness again listed alphabetically:

Natural diuretics:

- Birch leaves

- Nettle

- Goldenrod

- Hauhechel

- Dandelion

- Orthosiphon

- Tauseng├╝ldenkraut



- amiloride

- chlorthalidone

- eplerenone

- furosemide

- hydrochlorothiazide

- indapamide

- Piretanid

- spironolactone

- thiazide diuretics

- torasemide

- Triametren

- valsartan

- Xipanid

What kind of drugs for treating high blood pressure?