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High Blood Pressure with Youngsters and Children

Youngsters and kids can suffer already from high blood pressure
Hypertension can hit kid and youngsters

Being overweight is a cause for hypertension with children - Child Obesity - High Blood Pressure with Youngsters

High blood pressure problem that affects people all over the world. However, during the last few years another risk group has developed, one which was surprising.

The high blood pressure-risk group is youngsters and children. 

Some years ago high blood pressure in this risk group of children and youngsters was less than 3 percent

However, the number of affected children has risen so drastically that now more than 5 percent of children suffer from high blood pressure.

This means of course that more children fall ill with heart circulation illnesses. Even if any of these illnesses can be cured, it is still a trend which is not to be underestimated. The risk for subsequent illnesses from hypertension also rises with youngsters and children.

A short time ago it was extremely unusual for youngsters to suffer from high blood pressure but in recent years this has all changed. Child obesity is one the rise and this adds further risks to the health of children.

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Children are often suffering from High Blood Pressure

Overweight and hypertension in kids and youngsters
Why does hypertension hit already youngsters and kids

The number of children getting high blood pressure is relatively low when compared with adults. There are probably some serious causes for high blood pressure in children.

Overweight children often have a raised blood pressure (high blood pressure). Also factors like blood lipids or diabetes mellitus - a sugar metabolism disturbance - can play a role here.

The results and risks of high blood pressure with youngsters and children and possibilities of treatment.

Topical studies show a frightening trend, as children get high blood pressure, it can lead to the fact that the heart coronary arteries calcify, small vessels thicken or even a heart enlargement appears. In addition, symptoms of high blood pressure can include sleeping disturbances, tiredness, frequent headaches, or also pains in the breast area.

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Blood Pressure Values for Children

Every child will be different to give an exact reading of high blood pressure because it can change according to age, weight and size. Below is a approximation.

New born children and babies have blood pressure values of 75-85:55-65 mmHg.

From about 3 years the blood pressure values should lie around 95:60 mmHg.

From 10 years 100 105:60 65 mmHg is normal.

From 14 years the blood pressure should lie around 110:70.

Adults have normal blood pressure values about 130:80 mmHg.

High Blood Pressure with Youngsters – Speak to a Doctor

Children and youngsters who eat too much junk food will often suffer from hypertension.

You should visit a doctor if you suspect you children has high blood pressure. The doctor can arrange treatment to lower the blood pressure properly and determine the real risk.

Because the cause is often founded in overweight children, nevertheless, one should renounce the treatment of hypertension with drugs and aim at a decrease in weight.

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Obesity and Hypertension in Kids and Youngsters

Eating a healthy diet is important here for children with high blood pressure, because many children eat too many fatty foods instead of vegetables and fruit. Thus rises the risk to fall ill with a hypertension already during young years.

Furthermore, sport is also a good measure to lower blood pressure in children and reduce the risk of developing hypertension.

Stamina sports are really good to improve the efficiency of the heart and also the general efficiency of children.

You could also try herbal supplements. There are many natural substances which may help provide some relief from the high blood pressure and help to minimise the chances of developing other serious illnesses. 

On our self-help portal for high blood pressure patients we suggest various natural methods from traditional Chinese medicine, traditional European medicine, Tibetan medicine, and other reliefs from all over the world.

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